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GIEC Experts Attend 2014 Conference on Earth System Science

2014 Conference on Earth System Science(CESS) was convened in Shanghai from 2nd-4th,July. Dr.Wu Nengyou, Dr.Liang Shuai and other experts from Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion(GIEC),Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS) attended the meeting.
The meeting set up 19 topics, the sixteenth topic “interchange of matter between seawater and the ocean bottom” was convened by Dr.Wu Nengyou form GIEC and Dr. Chen Duofu from Institute of Geochemistry, CAS. Dr.Wu Nengyou delivered an academic report named “Migration system—— bone and blood of hydrates reservoir system” .
During the meeting, experts from GIEC exchanged achievements through oral presentations and posters, and they conducted heated discussions with present experts on such issues as laws on formation and reservoir of natural gas hydrates in the Northern Slope of the South China Sea, hydrates-relevant new technology and new methods of geochemistry and so on.