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Dr. Viacheslav Dolgikh from Russia Visits GIEC


On June 25,2014, Dr.Viacheslav Dolgikh, the president of Systems & Technologies Group,and Dr. Viacheslav Dementiev, the CEO of Automated Systems & Technologies for the Energy Complex(ACTEK),paid a visit to Organic Energy Material Lab of Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion(GIEC).

Dr.Viacheslav Dolgikh ,Dr. Viacheslav Dementiev and GIEC researchers communicated and discussed the studies and developments of smart grids and battery-based storage.

Dr. Viacheslav Dementiev introduced the situation and developing direction of Systems & Technologies Group and ACTEK. Then he detailed illustrated the problems and the development of prospect of batter-based storage, and placed high hopes on application of security lithium ion battery and oragnosilicon security electrolyte. Researchers of GIEC introduced achievements of oragnosilicon security electrolyte study and Nano-silicon anode materials study.

Dr. Viacheslav Dementiev expressed that ACTEK would like to cooperated with GIEC on development of oragnosilicon security electrolyte.

Through this exchange , both sides achieved mutual recognition about the huge space and the great potential of cooperation.