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The 8th International Conference on Gas Hydrates Convened in Beijing


From 28th July to 1st August the 8th International Conference on Gas Hydrates (ICGH8) had been held in China National Convention Center, Beijing, China. ICGH8 was co-organized by China Geological Survey (CGS) and Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion (GIEC), Key Laboratory of Gas Hydrate, CAS (KLGH), Guangzhou Gas Hydrate Center (GGHC), CAS participated the organization of ICGH8. More than 750 scientists and engineers with a common interest in gas hydrates from 28 countries and districts meet together in Beijing. 21 scientist and students including Dr. Nengyou Wu, Dr. Xiaosen Li, Dr. Deqing Liang, Dr. Shuai Liang present the results during ICGH8.  

Open ceremony was chaired by Dr. Nengyou Wu, vice president of GIEC and director of KLGH. Dr. Yang Wang, vice secretary and vice president of CGS gave a welcome speech.  

With the theme “Opportunity and Challenge-Development and Utilization of Gas Hydrates”, ICGH8 covered all field of gas hydrate, including fundamentals, natural systems, energy, environmental impacts and flow assurance. 620 abstracts and manuscripts have been accepted, and the program includes keynote speech, oral and post presentation which was consisted of 1 keynote address, 2 plenary session with 5 keynote speeches, 18 oral sessions with 126 oral reports and 15 post session with 620 posters.   

22 manuscripts have been submitted by GIEC and Dr. Nengyou Wu chaired the keynote address and plenary session, Dr. Xiaoseng Li and Dr. Deqing Liang chaired oral sessions, Dr. Shuai Liang and others colleagues gave 8 oral presentations, others showed the posters. During ICGH8 a booth displayed the progress of gas hydrate research in GIEC and the information leaflet of instruments of analysis center, GIEC, and journal of Advances in New and Renewable Energy sponsored by GIEC. 

Dr. Nengyou Wu also chaired the 4th meeting of International Science Committee and the Selection for the Host of ICGH9.

ICGH8 played a critical role for communication and cooperation between for GGHC and international academic facilities with a common interest in gas hydrate. These communication and cooperation will drive the exploration, exploitation and utilization of hydrate reservoir. The progress on fundamentals, reservoir formation and utilization of GIEC had been favorably noticed. Via ICGH8 GGHC has escalated its presence in the area and learned advanced methods and techniques, enhance the scientific research ability.  

The ICGH takes place every three years in a different country around the world. ICGH8 is the first time to be held in China which is significant to the exploration and exploitation of gas hydrate domestic and internationally. ICGH9 will be held in 2017 in Colorado, USA.