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GIEC participated in 2014 China Geothermal Forum


China’s first geothermal forum——“2014 China Geothermal Forum” was convened in Beijing from 25 to 26, November. The theme of the forum is “Develop Geothermal Energy Cooperate and Innovate Lead the Geothermal Industry”.

The forum set up 3 topics:“protection technology of hot water geothermal resources”,“key technology of enhanced geothermal systems (EGS) engineering”,“comprehensive utilization technology of multiple energy sources such as geothermal energy in complementary power generation, heating and cooling”.Dr Nengyou Wu and Xianbiao Bu, the researchers of Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion(GIEC),China Academy of Sciences(CAS) delivered academic reports respectively in “Geothermal exploitation from fractured granite reservoir through a single horizontal well at Yangbajing geothermal field”and “Geothermal wellbore scaling causes and countermeasures study”,which shows the research achievements in numerical simulation analysis of heat exploitation process in deep geothermal energy systems and the study of wellbore scaling during heat exploitation process.

Through this academic forum, researchers from GIEC got to know more scholars and experts in related field, and conducted heat and thorough discussions with them. This forum widened our view in the field of development and utilization of geothermal energy and numerical simulation study, and might inspire our ideas in future research.