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HCJRG Seminar & Biogeochemical Modeling Training Course Held at GIEC


The HCJRG seminar & biogeochemical modeling training course, co-sponsored by Helmholtz-CAS Joint Research Group (HCJRG), the project Characterization and Energy Production Strategies of Gas Hydrate Deposits in Northern South China Sea was convened from 9th-13rd Feb. 2015. The seminar and training course was held to promote the domestic research on marine energy resources. More than 30 research workers and graduates from GIEC, other universities and research institutions attended the seminar and training course.

The activity was chaired by Dr. Lihua Liu, Dr. Nengyou Wu addressed the symposium at first.

Then Dr. Matthias Haeckel introduced the basic knowledge of early diagenesis, kinetics and thermodynamics principles of biogeocehemical reactions, the global methane cycle of methane and the related topics e.g. cold event and gas hydrate system. Dr. Matthias Haeckel also gave a lecture on numerical modeling and practical appliance of simulation on marine science. The last day was the seminar, most of the participants presented their own research work and discussed on the questions and problems.

The courses helped the exchange of knowledge and provided a chance for the young scientists to learn the advanced simulation skills, and launch a further cooperation foundation between Germany and China in energy and environmental research field.