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GIEC Researchers and Students Presentat the ASPACC 2015


Six researchers and four students from Combustion and Thermal Fluid Lab., GIEC presented at the 10th ASPACC (Asia-Pacific Conference on Combustion), Beijing, from July 19 toJuly 22.

The ASPACC (Asia-Pacific Conference on Combustion) started from 1997, was initiated by five sections of International Combustion Institute in Asia-Pacific area. The ASPACC holds every two years, this conference offers a good chance for communication for the combustion people between the International Symposium of Combustion which is also holds every two years.This time the ASPACC was organized by Tsinghua University, Beijing, China.

The technical sessions include IC Engines, GasTurbine Combustionand Alternative Fuels, Turbulent Flames, Laminar Flames, Reaction Kinetics, Spray & Droplet Combustion,Heterogeneous Combustion,Fire Research,Environmental Issues & Pollution Control,Micro-combustion and New Combustion Devices,Detonation, Explosion and Supersonic. Prof. Fokion N. Egolfopoulos, University of Southern California, Prof. Fei Qi, Shanghai JiaotongUniversity, Prof. SébastienCandel, EcoleCentrale de Paris, France, Prof. A. Masri, University of Sydney, Australia, Dr. Jacqueline H. Chen, Sandia National Laboratories, USA, Prof. Naian Liu, University of Science and Technology of China, et al.madeinteresting Plenary Lectures on corresponding topics during the conference.

Six oral presentations on Reaction Kinetics, Micro-combustion and New Combustion Deviceswere given by people from Combustion and Thermal Fluid Lab., GIEC.JiepengHuo made the presentation on “Explicit Evaluation of Methanol-air Ignition Delay Times at Low Temperatures”; Yong Wu presented the work “Kinetics of Thermal Decomposition and FlameRetardance of Phosphazene-Containing Epoxy Resin”; LiqiaoJiangmade the presentation on “Flame propagation characteristics of n-butane/air mixture in a micro gap constant volume chamber”Qinfei Liu given a presentation on “Experimental study of flame propagation in single chamber of MICSE”Xing Li introduced the work“Study on Combustion and Ignition Characteristics of CH4/O2/CO2 Mixtures in a Micro Flow Reactor with a Controlled Temperature Profile”Haolin Yangpresented the work “Experimental Study on Effect of Wall Temperature on Quenching Distances of Premixed C1-C4 Alkane/Air Flames with a Slit Burner”.

Professor Daiqing Zhao was in the International Advisory Board of this conference. Professor Xiaohan Wang and Dr. Xing Li wereinvited to serve as the chairs in the sessions of Micro-combustion & New Combustion Devices andEnvironmental Issues & Pollution Control. The 10th ASPACC offer a good chance to show the latest works by the Combustion and Thermal Fluid Lab., GEIC. We also learned a lot from other combustion-groups and have valuablecommunications with colleagues.