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West Virginia University professor visits GIEC


On June 8th, Dr. Hanjing Tian, associate professor of West Virginia University and also researcher of National Energy Technology Laboratory of the US Department of Energy, visited Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion (GIEC) and gave an academic report titled “Development of Chemical looping Combustion Technology: From Atomic Oxygen Carrier Design to Circulating Fluidized Bed Engineering Demonstration” .


Prof. Tian gave a detailed introduction surrounding the chemical looping combustion and chemical looping oxygen uncoupling technology, including the design principles of copper oxygen carriers, the synergistic mechanism of alumina-supported Fe-Cu oxygen carriers and the design experiences of the 50-kilowatt chemical looping circulating fluidized bed. Heated discussion was carried out on differences in energy between China and the U.S..


Preliminary cooperation intention was reached in the field of chemical looping conversion of carbon-containing fuels.