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Professor Svetlana Ushak from the University of Antofagasta was invited to give an online academic presentation


On February 17, 2023, Professor Svetlana Ushak, the chair of Chemical Engineering and Mineral Processing at the University of Antofagasta, made an online academic presentation entitled with " Solar energy and opportunities to use lithium and other industrial minerals in thermal energy storage " online. The meeting was hosted by Wenji Song, the deputy Director at the department of Advanced Energy Storage & Energy division. And Fengyun Wu, Foreign Affairs Director of Science and Technology Department of GIEC, attended the meeting and gave a welcome speech. More than 30 participants from the division attended the seminar via webinar.

Professor Svetlana gave a systematic presentation on five topics: " Solar energy for electricity and heat generation ", " Solar potential of Chile and other countries from Lithium triangle area (ABC) ", " Thermal energy storage (TES) systems ", " Lithium and other industrial minerals in TES: potential of ABC triangle countries", and" CELiMIN and some research results on TES materials and their applications". After the presentation, Professor Svetlana had an active and in-depth communications with the staff and students, which broadened the scientific vision of the participants.

Professor Svetlana has been appointed as a foreign expert by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China. This academic presentation is within the project "High-end Foreign Expert Introduction Program - Preparation of New Phase Change Materials and their Application in Battery Thermal Management", which aims to strengthen the communication and contact between the teams in China and Chile, and promote the formation of a layout with complementary advantages and high-quality development. It also lays the foundation for more in-depth cooperative research between the two sides. In the future, both sides will continue academic exchange activities on the theme of energy storage technology.