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The Second Academic Exchange between the Department of Energy Storage Technology and Prof. Svetlana Ushak's Team


On July 7, 2023, at the invitation of Prof. Svetlana Ushak from University of Antofagasta, Prof. LIN Wenyefrom Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion (GIEC), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) gave a lecture entitled "Preparation, characterisation and property modification of a calcium chloride hexahydrate phase change material slurry with additives for thermal energy transportation." The meeting was chaired by Prof. Svetlana Ushak, and researchers from both the Chinese and Chilean teams were in attendance via online video.

                                                Fig. 1 Prof. LIN Wenye was giving an academic report.


This academic exchange is a continuation of the last friendly conversations between the Chinese and Chilean teams, as well as a continuation of the discussions and cooperation between Prof. Svetlana Ushak’s team and the Department of Energy Storage Technology. Phase change material slurry is the "feature" of the Department of Energy Storage Technology. After the team was established in 2003, they began to deploy in this field. And they have become a research team with a distinctive style and leading technology on the international stage. In this academic exchange, Prof. Lin gave a systematic report on three topics: preparation, characterization, and property modification of a calcium chloride hexahydrate phase change slurry. After the meeting, Prof. Lin had active and in-depth communication with the staff and students of both Chinese and Chilean teams, which broadened their research horizons.

                                                          Fig. 2 Question and answer session

                                                     Fig. 3 Group photo of participants (partial)

In 2021, the Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, Chinese Academy of Sciences (GIEC) signed its first cooperation agreement with the South American research institution, opening a new chapter of cooperation and exchange with Brazil and other South American countries in the field of energy. Against this background, the Department of Energy Storage Technology seeks to develop international communication and cooperation. The communication with Prof. Svetlana Ushak’s team injected "fresh blood" into the cooperation between GIEC and South American research institutions,which expanded the influence of GIEC in South American countries. In the future, both sides will continue to deepen the depth and breadth of cooperation in technical exchanges and research cooperation to achieve complementary advantages. And will collaborate to promote technological innovation and contribute to the global energy storage industry.