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Dynamic ice storage technology attended 2009 Chinese Refrigeration Exhibition


The twentieth Chinese Refrigeration Exhibition was opened at Bazhou, Guangzhou, on Apr. 5. Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Laboratory from Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, Chinese Academic Science, exhibited the newest developed dynamic ice-storage technology, in which new technology breakthrough has been achieved and several technology bottlenecks were solved. The independent intellectual property rights are completely possessed by Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion. In comparison with traditional static ice storage technology, its efficiency` cost and energy-saving effect have been improved greatly.

   This new technology can be broadly used in many fields such as construction and innovation of central air-conditioning ` food storage. When the technique was released in the exhibition, it received a great interest from domestic and international clients. As a result, many cooperation agreements were reached and signed.

   It is also the key technique for energy-saving and discharge-reducing process, and has been considered as a major ice-storage project to be extended in Guangzhou city.