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Science and Technology Development Conference for Centralized Marsh Gas Industrialization


Science and technology development conference for centralized marsh gas industry and contact meeting for marsh gas technology project were held by Chongqing Science and Technology Commission at Daiweis hotel, chongqing City, on Apr. 27, in which the current science and technology situation` developing trend and experiences of centralized marsh gas industrialization were discussed. In the meantime, some excellent domestic marsh gas enterprises were organized together to get connected with the clients in Chongqing city as well. 

In the conference, Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion exhibited << Demonstration project of Marsh Gas Production from Organic Waste in BoLuo Integrated Waste Treatment Plant>>. Chongqing city and Science and Technology Commission had great interests in the project.

This project was designed by Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, and constructed by Guangzhou Mingri Environmental Technologies Co. LTD. In this project, 20 tons of waste transported to the plant everyday can be treated. Firstly, organic compound of the waste is removed from the waste using Water Selecting Technology, and then proceed to be treated by anaerobic digestion process. Daily Marsh gas production is around 500-600 m3, in which methane gas is over 65%. Eventually, Marsh gas is converted to clean power resource after passing through generator units. Partial power supply of the plant is from this project. The heat generated during the process is used for increasing and keeping the temperature of the anaerobic digestion reactor and the remaining sludge is for organic fertilizer production.