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Research on the Key Technologies of Biomass Liquefaction


The project is presided by Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion of CAS (GIEC), in charge of two sub-projects—“gasification synthesis of dimethyl ether” and “bio-diesel”. The cooperative organizations were Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry of CAS (IPC) and University of Science and Technology of China, which undertook the sub-projects of “catalytic reconstitution liquefaction” and “pyrolysis liquefaction”, respectively. The project had passed the appraisal organized by Chinese Academy of Sciences in September 2008.

Through the establishment and operation of four sets of pilot plants, such as “100-ton biodiesel demonstration unit”, “100-ton pilot plant for synthesis of dimethyl ether”, “20 kg/h continuous reactors for catalytic reconstitution of gasoline and diesel fractions” and “100-ton pilot devices for pyrolysis liquefaction”; the project comprehensively evaluatedthe feasibility and the economics of both biomass direct liquefaction and indirect liquefaction technologies, resolved the key technologies of the processes of bio-diesel, gasification synthesis of dimethyl ether, catalytic reconstitution liquefaction, and pyrolysis liquefaction, form a series of biomass liquid fuel production theories and technologies with our country own intellectual property rights, and provided technical supports for the application and demonstration of biomass liquefaction in our country according to differently geographical resource characteristics and energy needs.