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The project was one of the key 863 Programs during the 10th Five-Year Plan Period, undertaken by Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion of CAS (GIEC), and had passed the appraisal organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China in December 2005.

During the project a 5MW biomass integrated gasification combined with cyclic power generating demonstration plant was built, and a set of small/medium biomass gasification and power generation system had been developed suitable for the national conditions of China. The system adopted circulating fluidized bed gasifiers and multi-stage gas purification devices, and configured many 500 kW single gas fuel internal combustion generator sets. The power generation system could be designed to 2 ~ 6 MW according to the actual need, and the raw materials for power generation could be husk, wood chips, straw, bagasse and other biomass waste. Its power generation efficiency is 20% ~ 28%, the unit investment is about 4500 ~ 6500 yuan/kW•h, the combined cost of power generation is about 0.35 ~ 0.45 yuan/kW•h, and the consumption of raw materials is 1.0~1.8kg/kW•h, which could meet the needs for disposal of agricultural waste in rural areas, and its power could fulfilled the electric energy consumption of factories and enterprises or the requirement for electric network access. Therefore, the novel power generation system has significant economic and social benefits. The system is cost-effective, which had reached the international advanced level, especially suitable for the popularization and application of 3-10MW biomass power generation technology, and it can provide effective technical supports for the establishment of distributed biomass power systems in China.