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Advanced bio-technical group of GIEC successfully completed the scientific expedition work of algae in the South China Sea


  August 31 to September 22, GIEC took part in 09 voyage of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and took scientific research ship of SCSIO, “Nanhai NO. 3”. The collection of phytoplankton and deep-sea sediments, contained 22 stations and more than 80 samples, had been completed.
  Laboratory of Biochemical conversion of biomass has done a lot of researches on biomass energy utilization. At present, the commercial application of the main problem is the sources of feedstock oil. Algae in South China Sea are not only variety, but also in large quantities. The main purpose of this voyage was to study the detail of the near-shore environment, where algal growth, of South China Sea, and to collect the samples, and to be nurtured. It can enrich the oil-producing algae species which are sorely lacking at present. Later, by means of modern biotechnology, the oil production capacity of microalgae could be improved, the bottleneck of biodiesel material could be broken through, and the cost of biodiesel could be reduced.