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Technique for Carbon Dioxide Separation from Gas-solid Using Hydrate Formation


On Nov. 24, the acceptance conference of “Technique for Carbon Dioxide Separation from Gas-solid Using Hydrate formation” charged by Professor Xiaoseng Li of GIEC was convened in Beijing.

  The program developed a high-effect hydrate formation accelerator, observably decreased the operation pressure during the separation process, improved the speed of hydrate formation, resolved key technical problems during hydrate separation process, such as technical parameters, high-effect thermal transmission, mass transportation, multi-phase flow etc, set up a suit of separation experiment system and a suit of wholly industrialized technique for carbon dioxide separation from gas-solid using hydrate formation, achieved a series of innovative achievement with independent intellectual property rights. Advantages of the technique include low energy expenditure, high separation effect, low cost, simple technology and equipment, pollution-free etc, and wide application prospect for carbon dioxide separation and purification in industrial tail gas and gas-solid from power plant. It is significance for promoting the development of clean coal technology, greenhouse gas mitigation, and improving the application technology and basic theories of hydrate.