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GIEC Helps Enterprise to Achieve International Greenhouse Emission Certificate


With a series of investigation on greenhouse emission, Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion (GIEC) has successfully assisted a lighting enterprise in Fuahsn for achieving ISO14064 international stander certificate.

Based on the active data and quantification method verified by ISO14064, GIEC quantified GHG emissions within operational boundary of the enterprise, and completed quantification report of GHG emission and removals.

This Fushan Lighting enterprise is a typical export enterprise in Guangdong province. Through the verification, more enterprises start to realize that international market has more requirements for enterprises and products in terms of GHG emission. Green products are more popular to the customers, and thus low carbon enterprises are more competitive in the market.

Meanwhile, it also marked that in the road of low carbon transformation and development, GIEC are in a leading position in providing service to enterprises, reducing GHG emission, and enhancing enterprises’ social responsibilities.