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GIEC Attends Guangdong Marine Economy Fair


First Guangdong marine economy fair was kicked off at Zhanjiang international exhibition center on December 30. Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion (GIEC) attended the fair and exhibited three research achievements gained in the ocean wave energy utilization.

One of the achievements GIEC showed in the fair is BD102C wave power generation device for navigation light, which generates power from wave and provides to lighthouse. It has great economic and social benefits.

The system of stand-alone wave power generation and desalination was also exhibited, which is the first systems in the world achieved stable wave power generation and desalination.

Other one is the island stand-alone renewable energy system, which generates power from waves, wind, and solar, with extra power for desalination. The successful application of the system has great significance for the local living, coastline defense, and energy saving.