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GIEC Convened Guangdong GHG Emission Inventories Preparation Seminar


Jan 28th, 2011, Energy research center of GIEC invited various Guangdong industry associations to participate the GHG emission inventories preparation seminar. Delegates of six industrial associations have attended, which were Guangdong Province Cement Industry Association, Guangdong Association of Iron and Steel Industry, Guangdong Industrial Technology Research Institute, Guangdong Petroleum and Chemistry Industry Association, Guangdong Household Electrical Appliances Trade Association and Guangdong Electric Power Research Institute.

Guangdong DRC has initiated provincial low carbon experimental works, from which, GIEC took the responsibility for GHG emission inventories of industrial production in Guangdong. It is required to calculate GHG emission from cement production, lime production, iron and steel production, magnesium processing, equipments production for electrical power transmission, semiconductor production and HFC production. Through the seminar, each industry association divided the project tasks.

In the seminar, Dr Zhao Daiqing, the deputy director of GIEC, emphasized the importance and urgency of proposing industrial GHG emission inventory for Guangdong. She hoped Guangdong industries could play the leading role to facilitate Guangdong’s low carbon development. Dr Liao Cuiping, Dr Wang Peng and Dr Lin Chubing have explained inventory methodologies and discussed data collecting methods, statistic methods and enterprise coordination issues with association delegates. This session has brought the opportunities for experts to fully understand the development status of different industries and also recognize the facing barriers of GHG inventory tasks. After, Energy Research Center of GIEC continued to discuss the data collecting methodologies in-depth and planed the next step work.

This seminar was fully supported by delegates and signified the implementation of Guangdong low carbon development works.