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GuangZhou Institute of Energy Conversion Gains the Second Prize of Science and Technology of GuangDong Province


The Science and Technology Conference and the Awards Conference of Guangdong province have been held in Guangdong Edifice recently. Wangyang, the Member of Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and the Secretary of Guangdong Provincial Committee, and Huanghuahua, the Deputy Secretary of Guangdong Provincial Committee and the Governor of Guangdong Province, have attended the conference. They rewarded the department and the person that have gained the Guangdong Provincial Award of Science and Technology in 2010. The fundamental research of Thermodynamics and Dynamics of Gas Hydrate and the Precursor Solution System which were developed by GuangZhou Institute of Energy Conversion, Chinese Academy of Sciences has gained the second prize.

This research is mainly carried out by Li Xiaosen. It is in the field of the phase equilibrium and the interface characteristics of the precursor solution system of gas hydrate. Combined with the Statistical Associating Fluid Theory Equation of State (SAFT), Density Functional Theory, and Renormalization Group Theory, A Equation of State was developed, which can predict the fluid phase equilibrium, the interfacial tension, and the nucleation property simultaneously. The results have great value in precisely defining the precursor system and the interfacial properties, and in the identifications of nucleation-growth-decomposition of gas hydrate. The research used the SAFT and a fugacity model to predict the phase equilibrium conditions of gas hydrate with inhibitors and gas hydrate under porous medium, for the time first. Based on the fractal theory, it established a model to predict the dynamics of gas hydrate formation and decomposition in porous medium. The dynamics properties of gas hydrate under reinforcement effect are investigated by molecular simulation. A numerical simulation software for natural gas hydrate production potential has been developed, and the production potential of gas hydrate in Shenhu Area has been predicted and evaluated for the first time. Meanwhile, this research proposed a new technique to separate CO2 from IGCC and flue gases through hydrate formation. The research of the separation mechanism has been completed, and the thermodynamic and dynamic theory of the hydrate system has been further developed. Up to now, this project has obtained a large number offundamental experimental data and scientific theory, the results of which have reached the international advanced level.