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GIEC Builds the Demonstration System and Achieves Progress on Key Technology of Synthetic Fuels from Biomass Gasification


On August 12,the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's of China international cooperation project"key technology and demonstration on synthesis of liquid fuels from biomass gasification" undertook by Guangzhou Institute of Energy conversion, Chinese Academy of Sciences (GIEC) has passed the inspection.

Surported by Italy advanced biomass rich-oxygen gasification technology, GIEC has completed the optimized design of biomass gasification and syngas purification systems, and built the demonstration system of synthetic fuels from biomass gasification.

A large number of innovation investigations were carried out on biomass gasification technology, raw syngas purification and reforming modulation techniques and devices, as well as dimethyl ether (DME) synthesis technics and catalyst system. GIEC has developed a 300 Nm3/h raw syngas reforming and modulation system, which has the functions of high-temperature inertia settlement, tar reforming and cleaning, syngas modulation, high-temperaturegaswaste heat recovery and efficientdust removal. The CuZnAl/AlOOH bifunctional catalyst of structure and composition homogeneous type has been developed by breaking through the design of traditional DME synthesis catalyst. the demonstration system has opened up the whole process and produced the qualified DME products. In the system-wide test of continuous and stable operation, biomass gasificationcombinedefficiency is ≥ 80%, one-wayconversionof dimethyl ether is ≥ 70%, dimethyl etherselectedof(DME /organic compounds) is ≥ 90% and realizes the conversion of 6-7tons ofbiomass feedstock to 1 tonof DME.

DME fuel synthesis from biomass gasification is an indirect liquefaction technology, which produces firstly crude gas from biomass gasification by thermochemical methods, and then purifies and modulates the syngas, subsequently converts to liquid fuel by the catalytic synthesis. Due to wide adaptability of raw materials, high purity and no emissions of NOx and SOx after combustion, it is ideal power chemical and transportation fuel production technology, and has been gradually drawn worldwide attention in the fossil resource prices escalating situation.

 the demonstration system of synthetic fuels from biomass gasification(Picture by DING Ming Yue)