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Substantial Progresses about Projects Supported by Special Funds of National Ocean Energy of China


A meeting about project progresses, supported by special funds of national ocean energy of China, was held in Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion (GIEC) on October 10, 2011.

Firstly, Prof. Yage You introduced the progresses about ‘Dmonstration project of standalone power generation system by ocean energy in South China Sea islands’. In this project, a floating Salter Duck wave energy device will be built up. At present, the modification of underwater appendage of this device has been finished, and thus its launch difficulty is decreased greatly. The drive and control framework of hydraulic cylinder have been improved so that the efficiency and reliability of hydraulic system increase. The launch and maintenance scheme of the device has been determined and is being implemented. A duck wave energy device rated power 10kW, which is 1/2 scale model of prototype, has been constructed, is being adjusted and will be tested in real sea states. Also, this report finally presents some existing matters in the launch and maintenance scheme and their corresponding solutions.

Associated Prof. Bijun Wu addressed the development of his supervising project “Key technology research of 20kW wave energy power station applied to ocean observation instruments”. A floating direct-drive wave energy device will be manufactured as the wave energy power station. Now its 1/2 power model, closely to its prototype, has been completed and will be soon tested in the ocean after the completion of its system adjustment. Thesurvey of marine environment in the device launch site has been finished. The launch platform of device is also being constructed.

The project director Songwei Sheng reported some progresses about “Research and experiment of 10kW medusa wave energy device”. The medusa device is a novel type of wave energy device, and has already been granted a invention patent. Three sites have been primarily selected as the device launch place. A 1/10 scale model has been tested in a wave tank. And the design scheme of jellyfish device is also determined.

Dengwen Xia, the deputy director of ocean energy development and utilization management department, State Oceanic Administration, attended this meeting and regarded that those progresses of three projects basically meet with the desired objectives. However, he pointed out the implementation of the 1st project is a key for the completion of all the projects supported by special funds of national ocean energy of China, and would have an important effect on the development of ocean energyutilization technology in the future. So he hoped GIEC can provide this project with the largest support to overcome some practical obstacles and complete it in its deadline. Prof. Nengyou Wu, on behalf of GIEC, gave a positive response.