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GIEC Builds 10000 ton/year Demonstration System and Achieves Great Progress on Key Technology of Biodiesel


On October 13, 2011 Science and Technology Planning Project of Guangdong province "10000 ton/year biodiesel demonstration and biodiesel key technology research" undertaken by Guangzhou Institute of Energy conversion, Chinese Academy of Sciences (GIEC) has passed the inspection and evaluation.

As to settle the major technical defects of domestic biodiesel industry, GIEC develop solid catalyst for biodiesel production and large-scale biodiesel production technology. It developed two new types of catalysts and got independent intellectual property rights, including the metal cyanide catalysts with dual function and nano-magnetic solid base catalyst; developed a continuous technology for biodiesel production coupling with fixed-bed and plug flow reactor, efficient recycling of methanol and glycerol, and other key technologies; replacing traditional design of ​​purification of biodiesel with water washing with dry-washing purification technology. GIEC has developed an annual 10000T biodiesel production demonstration systemin Qingyuan, Guangdong, which has adopted modularized design and distributed DCS digital automation control system. The demonstration system has opened up the whole process and produced qualified biodiesel products. In the system-wide test of continuous and stable operation, methyl ester conversion rate is ≥96%; methanol recovery efficiency is ≥90.8%; processing cost of biodiesel cut down about 15% compared with traditional technology; product quality meets Chinese standard for biodiesel (GB/T 20828-2007).

Currently, the technology has been applied in industrial project successfully. GEIC has established another annual 10,000T biodiesel project in Tianjin. An annual 300,000T biodiesel project is under construction in Wenzhou, Zhejiang and will go into operation at the end of 2011 or at the beginning of 2012. As the technology has many merits, such as continuous and stable production, good oil quality, high conversion, controllable pollution and outgrowth recycling, good adaptability of raw materials, etc., which will promote the development of biodiesel industry in our contry greatly .

 10000 ton/year Biodiesel Demonstration System