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GIEC Builds 1000 ton/year Demonstration System and Achieves Great Progress on Key Technology of DME Synthesis from Biomass Gasification


1000 ton/year Demonstration System

On December 5, the Ministry of Science and Technology project “pilot system study on dimethyl-ether synthesis from biomass gasification” undertook by Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, Chinese Academy of Sciences (GIEC) has passed the inspection.

Biomass gasification and dimethly ether (DME) synthesis technology is a process integration of biomass thermo-chemical conversion and bio-syngas catalytic conversion method. It includes the crude gas produced from biomass oxygen-gasification, raw syngas reforming and modulation system, DME catalytic synthesis and distillation. GIEC has developed the biomass complex-gasifier which has been entered the stage of industry production and built the 1000 ton/a pilot system of DME synthesis from biomass oxygen-gasification in Boluo, Guangdong, which achieved a stable and continuous system operation and marked the initial conditions of industrial of DME synthesis from biomass gasification. In the system-wide test of continuous and stable operation, biomass gasification combined efficiency is 82.6%, one-way conversion of CO is 70.15%, dimethyl ether selected of (DME/organic compounds) is ≥ 90%. According to the parameters of 1000t/a DME synthesis system, GIEC developed a 10000ton/a system technology package of DME synthesis from biomass oxygen-gasification.