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GIEC Achieves Great Progress on Key Technology of DME Synthesis and Exhaust Gas Power Generation from Biomass Gasification


On March 20, Center for Clean Energy Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences project “Key technology research and demonstration of DME synthesis from biomass gasification and exhaust gas power generation” undertook by Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, Chinese Academy of Sciences (GIEC) has passed the inspection.

The mixed flow fixed-bed gasifier and fluidized-bed complex gasifier developed by GIEC are qualified for DME synthesis from biomass. Focused on matching between biomass gasification, reforming purification, synthesis gas decarburization, catalytic synthesis, absorption, distillation, exhaust gas generation unit and system optimization. GIEC has built an annual 1000T DME production system, which achieved a stable and continuous system operation. In the system-wide test of continuous and stable operation, biomass complex gasification combined efficiency is over 80%, one-way CO conversion is over 70%, dimethyl ether selected of (DME/organic compounds) is over 90%, the exhaust gas, exhaust gas using the internal combustion engine power generation, the total system efficiency from biomass is over 38%.

At present, the technology of mixed flow gasifier and fluidized-bed complex gasifier has been to promote the application. GIEC has built a demonstration project of 1.5t/h biomass fixed gasifier to replace 2000t/a heavy oil and a 2*5t/h biomass fluidized-bed gasifier to replace 1,7000t/a heavy oil.