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Experts Seminar of "Study on energy-saving technology of coal utilization process" Project is Held in GIEC


Experts Seminar of "Study on energy-saving technology of coal utilization process" project, which is one sub-project of Chinese Academy of Engineering Consulting Project "Strategic study on clean efficient sustainable coal utilization and development ", was held in Guangzhou Institute of Energy(GIEC) on May.31,2012.

Academician Xie Kechang,the vice president of Chinese Academy of Engineering gave an important speech about how to achieve a successful completion of research project. Wu Chuangzhi, the director of GIEC warmly received visitors. Academician Jingyong from Chinese Academy of Engineering, who is also the project principal, chaired the meeting. Pro.Chen Yong, the execuitve vice leader of research group and other four sub-tasks' principals reported the general stauts of the project and each sub-task's stauts respectively.

Experts and the researchers conducted a heat discussion on energy-saving technology of coal utilization process in seven energy consumption industires,which are petrochemical, chemical industry, metallurgy, paper making, textile, steel and building materials. Both considered that the reasearch group had done a lot of research work, and had accumulated valuable data, and had concised out several key energy-saving technical directions based on analysis using SWOT and LCA, and had emphasized the importance of structure energy-saving's contribution to energy-saving. Moreover, experts insisted that the research result is important to realzing our country's energy-saving and emission reduction goals during "12th five-year plan" period and sustainable deveoplment of our country. At last, experts gave some constructive suggestions to revise and perfect the research result report.