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The Report Meeting on Sino-U.S. Cooperation and Experience Exchanges of Low-carbon Development is Convened in Guangzhou


On July 12, 2012, the Report Meeting on Sino-U.S. Cooperation and Experience Exchanges of Low-carbon Development was convened in Guangdong Grand Building, Guangzhou.

The theme of the meeting is to promote exchanges and cooperation on low-carbon development between both sides on provincial level. During the meeting, Mr. Tom Perterson, president and CEO of U.S. Climate Strategy Center, delivered a speech named Sino-U.S. exchanges and cooperation on energy, economy and climate policy on provincial level, through which he introduced the micro- and macro- economic analysis methods utilized for analyzing factors such as environment, energy, and economy when editing low-carbon action plan in U.S. Moreover, he also introduced experiences gained by U.S. in carbon emissions trading and regional cooperation in this regard, explaining from perspectives of technology, policy, market, and investment that a bright future would await we two countries if we join hands together in this field. All participants show intense interest in the report and conducted heated and in-depth exchanges with each other on issues such as Guangdong’s low-carbon plan and carbon emissions trading mechanism as a pilot province, as well as opportunities and methods for China’s provinces and U.S.’s states to carry out cooperation in low-carbon area.

After the meeting, Mr. Lu Xiulu, deputy chief of Guangdong Province Reform and Development Commission, met representatives from Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, CAS and Global Environment Institute. Participants exchanged ideas on low-carbon efforts made in Guangdong and U.S., thus initially forming the intent of provincial-level cooperation between two sides in low-carbon development.