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The 863 Project “Efficient Biomass transformation and biorefinery” Passed Acceptance Inspection


On Sep. 7th, organized by the Agricultural Science and Technology Division of MOST, the National 863 Project named “Efficient Biomass transformation and bio-refinery” undertaken by Biomass Energy Innovation Alliance received acceptance inspection in Guangzhou.

On behalf of Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, CAS, Prof. Wu Nengyou, the deputy director of GIEC extended warmly welcome to all the participating leaders and experts. Sincere thanks also go to MOST and Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology for their unceasing trust and support. Mr. Liu Jiaping, chief of Agricultural Division of Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology, made an address in which he promised that stronger support would be offered by Guangdong government for facilitating development of new energy and renewable energy technology and industry. Mr. Wang Zhe, deputy director of Agricultural Science and Technology Division of MOST, also delivered an important speech. He emphasized the significance of developing biomass energy industry, pointed out that biomass energy should be more frequently and comprehensively utilized. In addition, he mentioned that inspection team should strictly examine every project based on the contract targets and funds management regulation, so as to provide objective and just inspection opinions.

Prof. Ma Longlong, chief scientist of the project, gave an elaborate report on the project implementation, research accomplishments, and funds usage, successfully passing the expert argumentation. The inspection team fully acknowledged the accomplishments achieved, and regards that the project reached its research targets and the funds were utilized appropriately. Thus, the inspection experts unanimously agreed the project having successfully passed the acceptance inspection.