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New Progresses Made in Simulation Software R&D of Mid- Low Temperature Waste Heat and Geothermal Power Generation System


On Sep. 27th, new progresses were made in the simulation software R&D of mid- low temperature waste heat and geothermal power generation system. The software is able to carry out optimization and process simulation of the dynamical system design of utilizing industrial waste heat and geothermal resources for power generation.

Based on the first edition of PGCP (Power Generation Computation Program V1.0) , the 1.5 edition was developed, in which there is a newly added module— the flash steam- bionery joint cyclic power generation module. This module can be used to calculate the relatively superior industrial waste heat and geothermal resources (the temperature is generally above 150℃) power generation cycle. The geothermal resources in Tibet Plateau and Chuanxi Plateau mostly belong to the above mentioned geothermal resource, and the module can help calculate the resource amount and guide the design and analysis of geothermal power generation plan.

With 27 kinds of pure refrigerants and 55 kinds of mixed refrigerants for selection, the system can generally meet most customers’ common needs. Apart from calculating the thermodynamic state of every location status point of the system, the software also calculates optimum flash steam temperature and evaporation temperature during the given temperature range, with the temperature being accurate to 0.1 ℃. It is relatively complex to calculate the steam turbine’s entropy efficiency in actual operation. Yet, the software can help get the accurate number very quickly by using back calculation, which means a lot for steam turbine’s design and efficiency evaluation.