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The Project“Preparation of Bill of Greenhouse Gases in GuangDong Industrial Processes” has Passed Acceptance Inspection


On Jan.22nd, the project “Preparation of bill of greenhouse gases in industrial processes” acceptance ceremony took place at GuangDong Building.

Doc. Peng Wang from GuangZhou Institute of Energy Coversion(GIEC), as the whole project group’s representative, gave an elaborate report on the project implementation, research accomplishments. The group took one year to preparate the bill.There were six kinds of greenhouse gases from seven industries:cement, lime, nitrate, magnesium fabrication,semiconductor and electrical equipment in the bill.Data of activity level and obtaining of emission factors are the important and difficlut points of preparation of bill.

The inspection team fully acknowledged the accomplishments achieved and regarded that the project reached its research targets.Thus, the inspection experts unanimously agreed the project having successfully passed the acceptance inspection.

  Preparation of bill of greenhouse gases is one of basic research activities for low carbon development and treatment for climatic changes. As one of national low carbon pilots, GuangDong is one of the first reform pilot provinces preparating bill of greenhouse gases.