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The 2013 Annual Working Meeting of the Project "Key Technology Research in Efficient Biogas Manufacturing through Energy Herb" is held in Haikou


During March 15th-16th, the annual working meeting of the project "Key Technology Research in Efficient Biogas Manufacturing through Energy Herb" was held in Haikou. This project is undertaken by Dr. Xiaoying Kong, an investigator from Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

 After an overall introduction about how the project is going, several detailed reports were made by Prof. Fuyu Yang from China Agricultural University, Prof. Yingshu Liu from University of Science and Technology Beijing, and President Tie Li from China Petroleum Bio-Energy Company Limited, with topics respectively named "Energy Herb Biomass Cultivation and Pretreatment Technology Research"、"Key Technology of Biogas Purification" and "The General Condition of the Project Laboratories". Heated discussion was carried out among experts present at the meeting on such issues as planting and cultivation of energy herb, raw material pretreatment, feeding system, efficient anaerobic reactor structure development, biogas purification technology, as well as the project's engineering application and economical efficiency. Thus, working plan and goals were settled for the year 2013.

 After the meeting, experts paid a visit to the Nanguo Nongzhuang laboratory base in Dingan County, Hainan Province.