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100KW Floating Buoy Duck-Style Wave Energy Convector Equipment Is Successfully Launched on Sea


Wave Energy is an important new energy for China due to its cleanness and abundant resources. Recently, a 100KW Floating Buoy Duck Wave Energy Convector( WEC) invented by Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, Chinese Academy of Sciences( GIEC) was successfully launched on sea and managed to generate power.

This 100KW Floating Buoy Duck WEC applies the multi-level hydraulic power generation system, which enables the WEC to operate under different wave conditions. Specifically speaking, the WEC contains two sets of engine sets, the 30KW engine and 70KW engine, both of which will choose to operate or not based on the wave size. The 30KW engine sets starts to work in small waves, while the 70KW ones in medium waves, and the 100KW with two sets working together in strong waves. This equipment is conducive to lowering costs and raising convectoring efficiency, which contributes to further development of wave energy.

The research is carried out by GIEC’s Ocean Energy Research Lab, which is led by Dr. Yage You, who has charged or participated more than twenty national or local research projects of wave energy conversion. His team has built two 10kW Duck WECS, a 20kW Floating Buoy WEC, a 10kW Eagle WEC, and a semi-submerge barge for deploy/undeploy WEC up to 500 tons.

Contact: Dr. Yage You

Principle Investigator

Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Tel: 8620-87057612

Email: youyg@ms.giec.ac.cn