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GIEC attend The Third Conference of Mid-deep Geothermal Development and Utilization


On March 16 to 18, “The third conference of mid-deep geothermal development and utilization” was held in Beijing, Nengyou Wu, Fangming Jiang, Yulie Gong, etc of GIEC attended this conference.

The conference was organized by China University of Geosciences and the Geothermal Resources Research Center, China Geological Survey. The topics included exploitation and utilization of geothermal, development and application of oilfield geothermal resources, technology and application of geothermal power generation, geothermal exploration engineering, Enhanced Geothermal Systems, policy and strategy of geothermal development, etc. The aim of the congress is to promote the domestic geothermal development and enhanced academic exchange and cooperation in the related field.

There were about 80 people attended the seminar, including the former chairman of the international association of geothermal, the American National Academy of Engineering Roland N. home, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences Jiyang Wang, Chengzao Jia and Chengshan Wang, and experts from research institutes, universities and enterprises.

Researchers from GIEC introduced the research progress and results of numerical simulation and power generation technology of geothermal. Nengyou Wu presented the Numerical simulation of deep geothermal through horizontal well, Fangming Jiang introduced the Numerical simulation research of EGS heat extraction, Yulie Gong reported the Advances in low temperature geothermal power generation and comprehensive utilization technology, Chao Luo gave a speech of Single stage and two stage geothermal power system analysis of energy conversion, and Lulu Ling gave a talk of The influence of reservoir and wellbore permeability on temperature field during EGS production. Above reports showed GIEC’s actively explore and flourish in geothermal field, and caused a great attention from the representatives.

The Photograph of Delegates