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GD ETS Impact assessment and adjustment policy recommendation" mid-term evaluation meeting was held


On20th,March, the 2013 UK Strategic Program Fund project “GD ETS Impact assessment and adjustment policy recommendation" mid-term evaluation meeting was held in Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, Chinese Academy of Sciences.Decision makers from Guangdong development and reform commission. project management officer from the British consulate in Guangzhou, experts from Academic institutions、Industry associations and enterprise representativesattended the assessment workshop. The project manager, Prof. Zhao Daiqing,reported the project progress and phased research results which have been obtained.

So far the project has built the dynamic CGE model of Guangdong two regions、assessed GD ETS impact on macroeconomic, demonstrated the feasibility of Guangdong existing carbon emissions quota allocation scheme; At the micro level, the project has also studied how to carry out carbon asset management and put forward some suggestions for the enterprise and group; In addition, the researchers summarized the best practices of foreign carbon asset management and the related materials of EU carbon trading system reform, which can provide best practice for improving carbon trading mechanism of Guangdong.

During the meeting, the experts discussed about the research project outputs and the further work plan. they gave full affirmation on the research results which have been so far obtained, hoped to provide strong support for competent department to track and improve the carbon trading results based on the assessment indicators. The Project manager,Ms. Adee. Zai, from British consulate in Guangzhou showed great satisfactions with the project outputs, promised to continue to support this project by transferingUK ETS experts know-how.

Vice director, Mr.ChenYijun, from climate change department of GD DRC joined the workshop and asked the project researchers to provide more policy recommendations based on the project results.