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973 sub-project “combustible solid waste high-value pretreatment and the source pollution control mechanism”Communication meeting is held


On NOV 4, 2014, the communication meeting of “combustible solid waste high-value pretreatment and the source pollution control mechanism ”, which is a part of” The study on efficient clean utilization of energy from combustible solid waste” 973 project, was held in GuangZhou Institute of Energy Conversion(GIEC) . Professor ChenYong, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, as the director of the task, convened this meeting. Four sub-task teams attended the meeting. Four team leaders reported their research progress and achievements respectively. 

A number of major results were achieved in the fields of combustible solid waste pretreatment mechanism and multi-formation high-value conversion methods, high-value gas molten salt cleaning and the pollution control mechanism, emission forecast model of combustible solid waste energy conversion, combustible solid waste source pollution control mechanism. 

This meeting also confirmed the next research contents: the development of study on different kinds of combustible solid waste thermal conversion, combustible solid waste liquid phase tempering mechanism, and molten salt synthesis cleaning mechanism and so on.