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The 2014 annual meeting of the National Basic Research Program “Scientific Issues in Micro Energy and Power Systems” was successful held in Beijing


On December 14, 2014, the annual meeting of The National Basic Research Program (973 Program) “Scientific Issues in Micro Energy and Power Systems” was held in Beijing. This project consists of three subprojects. More than 40 scientists including experts,the coordinators from Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST of China), principle investigators, researchers, et al.of this project attended the meeting.

Prof. Daiqing Zhao, the Chief Scientist of this project from GuangZhou Institute of Energy Conversion,Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS), presided the meeting. Dr. Haisheng Cheng, the assistant of the Director from the Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, CAS, addressed welcomes at the beginning of the meeting.Prof. Daiqing Zhao summarized the overall progress of the project in the first year firstly, and the principle investigators of the subprojects presented their research works in detail.

After the presentations by the three principle investigators, coordinators from MOST and team experts made their comments and advisements for the project. Academician Jianzhong Xu made important suggestions on the research method and innovation target, Academician Wanhua Su made suggestions on the design method for the micro energy power system, Academician Hongguang Jing pointed that the scientific questionsregarding to the project should be wellsummarized. Other experts who attended the meeting also provided valuable comments on the research works in the last years and important advisements for the next step.

The research works, including theoretical analyses, experiment studies and integration of the whole system in the last year obtaineda good valuation from the experts,they confirmed that all these works make a good beginning of the project and expectedmore valuable funding will be obtainedin future by focus on important scientific questions.

Further discussions between researchers of this project were made based on the comments from the experts, and detailed plans for the future studies was decided. This meeting and discussions give an important understanding of the orientation of the project, enhance the interactions between people of the project and provide a guidance for the further innovation studies.