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GIEC Successfully Built the First Semisubmersible Open Sea Aquaculture Platform “Penghu”


On June 30, 2019, the signing ceremony for the delivery of the first semisubmersible open sea aquaculture platform “Penghu” was held at the base of China Merchants Industrial Group. “Penghu” was developed by Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, Chinese Academy of Sciences (GIEC). 

Traditional aquaculture cages in China have problems such as poorly resistant to storm, difficult energy supply and the unable to carry modern equipment. Through decades of real sea conditions research and development, GIEC researchers finally successfully built the first semisubmersible open sea aquaculture cage “Penghu”.  

The platform efficiently integrates semisubmersible wave energy generation, open sea aquaculture, and tourism together. And this technology has been granted the invention patents from China, the European Union and Japan. The prototype "Penghu" was completed under the support of the Ministry of Natural Resources and other ministries of Guangdong province and was certified by the French Classification Society. 

The successful delivery of the semisubmersible open sea aquaculture cage "Penghu" indicates that the new open sea aquaculture cage system technology has entered the demonstration stage. GIEC will continue to carry out the engineering, serialization and large-scale research and development of open sea aquaculture equipment, so as to contribute to China’s marine economic construction. 

At the ceremony, “Strategic Cooperation Agreement”, “Cooperation Agreement of Developmen of New Type of Semisubmersible Wave Energy Power Generation, Aquaculture and Tourism Platform” and “ Delivery confirmation of Penghu” were signed between GIEC and Shenzhen Heavy Industry and Shekou Union Dockyard which belongs to China Merchants Industrial Group signed the. And “Cooperation Agreement of Development of Semisubmersible Wave Energy Power Generation, Aquaculture and Tourism Platform” was signed between GIEC and Guangdong Dalinyang Marine Organism Co., Ltd. 

Hu Xianfu, president of China Merchants Industrial Group, Ma Longlong, director of GIEC, Wang Haifeng, director of the Energy Department of the National Ocean Technology Center, Yu Peisong, director of department of agriculture of Guangdong province, and Qu Guoqi, general president of the French BV Classification Society (China) and more than 40 leaders of companies attended the ceremony.