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New progress in efficient heating performance of gas engine-driven heat pump (GHP) technology by GIEC Team

Recently, the research team of Prof. Ziping Feng, from Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, Chinese Academy of Sciences (GIEC), has achieved a series of innovative research results on heating performance and waste heat recovery characteristics of gas engine-driven heat pump (GHP) technology.

The GHP system is a typical natural gas distributed energy system, which can realize the cascade and efficient utilization of energy. GHP is an advanced low-carbon and energy-saving technology in line with the current dual-carbon background. This study established the first ultra-energy-efficient air-source GHP system in China that uses a gas engine to drive two open scroll compressors with R410A. An efficient waste heat recovery system is built, and the engine waste heat recovery efficiency is as high as 77.7% when the temperature of engine exhaust gas is lower than 100 ℃. The influence of several key factors on heating performances of the novel GHP system was investigated. The performances of four heating modes were compared in detail at an extremely low ambient air temperature of -20 ℃. The study introduces the calculation of the engine thermal efficiency into the research of GHP system, and analyzes the reasons for the changes of the performance parameters of the system in combination with the changes of engine thermal efficiency. Relevant research results have been published in the form of research paper with the title of “Experimental investigation on heating performance of a gas engine-driven heat pump system with R410A” in Applied Thermal Engineering (JCR Q1), which is an international top academic journal in the field of energy. 
This study obtained the key parameters affecting the heating performance of the GHP system, formed an efficient waste heat recovery method, and established a control strategy for efficient utilization of waste heat at an extremely low ambient air temperature of -20 ℃. The innovative research results obtained have been successfully applied to the GHP products of ZKG Energy (Chongqing) Research Institute Co., Ltd., which is a technology-based enterprise incubated by GIEC. The GHP products have been certified by a third-party authoritative testing agency, and various performance indicators have reached the advanced level of similar products in the world. In recent years, the team of Prof. Ziping Feng has achieved high-efficiency industrialization of low-carbon and energy-saving technologies through industry-university-research cooperation, and has accelerated the technology research and product iteration by establishing extensive international cooperation.


                                                          Figure 1. Schematic of the GHP system.

                                                    Figure 2. Demonstration project of GHP products
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