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SHARP EAGLE: Scientist discovered a new economic way to convert wave energy


On July 18th, the “Sharp Eagle Offshore Mobile Wave Energy Converter Platform” totally invented by GIEC received power performance assessment approval certificate from Bureau Veritas, France (BV), a global leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC).

SHARP EAGLE is a new type of wave energy converter (WEC) with independent intellectual property rights owned by GIEC. It has been put in operation for two years and supplies electricity to people on Dawanshan Island. A 10-days sea trial shows that the average wave-to-wire efficiency is 24%, which is now the highest record in the world. Now SHARP EAGLE has been approved by BV with respect of the aim of the classification as per Bureau Veritas Rules for the Classification of the Technical Specification IEC/TS 62600-100, based on the Power Performance Assessment provided at this stage.

SHARP EAGLE was started from 2011, experienced three generations of prototypes and finally evolved into its current style: four wave energy absorbers are symmetrically mounted on a semi-submersible platform, and two independent sets of hydraulic system are equipped for parallel working, to make SHARP EAGLE mobile, stable, efficient, reliable and maintainable. To increase the output, SHARP EAGLE has now been developed a multi-power complementary system, with 200 kW wave power, 50 kW PV, batteries, inverters, data acquisition, monitoring equipment and satellite transmission. SHARP EAGLE is of 36 meters long, 24 meters wide and 16 meters high. By the semi-submersible barge, it can be easily floated up on the water surface, or to be towed and anchor like a barge, so it is easily to be transported or to be maintained. When the device arrives at its location, it can easily be semi-submerged and moored and realizes its functions as a generation equipment.  

The research group led by Prof. YOU Yage has been devoted to wave energy research for near 40 years. Now they are working hard to optimize the design of SHARP EAGLE, and hope to increase its output while decreasing its cost.

“We are great honored to get the certification from BV. But I know, to get the certification is just a good opening, we have a long way to go to improve the design of SHARP EAGLE. We need cooperation with BV in the following research. ” Said Prof. YOU.





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