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Call for International Training Workshop on Renewable Energy Policies and Low-carbon Development in Belt & Road Countries



Lack of power supply still remains a huge challenge for many countries in the world. Green energy generation is the most promising way to achieve sustainable development. Many countries are endowed with abundant resources of biomass energy, solar energy, geothermal energy, and hydropower, all of which can be converted into energy for rural production and living through appropriate technologies. More and more countries realize the importance of renewable energy development in national energy strategy.

The International Training Workshop on Renewable Energy Policies and Low-carbon Development in Belt & Road Countries aims to enhance the capacity for green and low-carbon development and help train technical professionals. Meanwhile, we will also explore new models for deepening scientific and technological cooperation. The workshop is open to policy-makers, researchers in strategic research and policy design, association and NGO members in OBOR countries.

This workshop will introduce China's renewable energy policy and industry development, analyze the common problems encountered during the development of renewable energy, share experiences in renewable energy technology, policy, management and industrialization. Thus, this workshop will promote technological and industrial cooperation with OBOR countries in the field of renewable energy and green and low-carbon development, and facilitate the construction of green and low-carbon community for OBOR countries.



Time: December 3, 2023- December 16, 2023

Place: Guangzhou, China

Outline: The workshop will combine theory with practice, and provide all-round and multi-level training, such as renewable energy concepts, policies, technologies, urban green coordinated low-carbon development, etc. The training forms will be in a variety, including lectures, questionnaire survey, interactions, and field visits, etc.

The lectures contains three sessions. The details are as follows:

 Session 1: Renewable Energy Technology Courses

 Biomass energy technology utilization

 Solar energy technology utilization

 Geothermal energy technology utilization

 Wind energy technology utilization

 Energy storage technology utilization

 New energy automobiles industry development

 Session 2: Renewable Energy Strategy and Policies Courses

 "One Belt & One Road" national strategy interpretation

 Prospect and outlook of global new and renewable energy development

 Status quo of China’s new energy industry

 Renewable energy planning methodology and tools

 Smart energy system and successful cases

 Session 3: Green and Low Carbon Development Courses

 Global action on climate change

 Experience sharing in urban green and low-carbon development

 Low-carbon development planning methodology and case analysis

 Carbon trading mechanism and carbon market

 Water conservation and green development

 Recycling of waste



 Hosted by: 

Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, Chinese Academy of Sciences

 Sponsored by:

Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)



 Government officials and policy-makers

 Researchers in strategic research and policy design

 Association and NGO members

 Other stakeholders



1. Expenses borne by Organizer:

 Accommodation, food and travel expenses (economy class by air).

 Training fees, and cost of materials.

 Insurance during stay in China.

2. Expenses assumed by participants:

 Visa fees (including Visa to a third country).

 Overweight charge during both international and domestic flights.

 Post services, Phone calls and Internet services during your stay in China.

 Individual expenditures beyond the uniform arrangement (such as food&   beverage, traffic, entertainment, glasses, tooth inlay, hairdressing, beauty treatment and laundry etc.)



1. How to Apply

Applicants with foreign citizenship should directly apply to GIEC by sending application form (as attached) and supplementary documents to gieckjc@ms.giec.ac.cn. The deadline is September 20th, 2023.

2. Eligibility

Applicants with foreign citizenship should meet the following qualifications. Once approved by organizer, trainees shall not cancel this training:

 Less than 60 years old by January 1, 2023.

 Higher education background university degree or equivalent.

 We do hope the proposed participants are from administrative department, or scientific research institution and enterprise who are working on the renewable energy.

 The language for this training is English, and we do hope the trainees are proficient in English.

 Be in a good health, that is to say, no infectious disease, no hypertension, no cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, no mental disease, no extreme disability, not pregnant. Please supply the medical examination report after approval.

 Guarantee of full stay in host institution during the workshop.

 Abide by Chinese laws and host institution’s rules during the workshop. 

3. Supplementary Documents


 Academic certificates of higher education background.

 Please supply the medical examination report after approval.

4. Training Scale

The workshop is supposed to have 15-20 participants. The organizer shall select participants according to overall application status and make sure that the workshop cover as more participants from different countries as possible.



Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Address: No.2 Nengyuan Rd., Tianhe District, Guangzhou, China


Ms. Fengyun Wu, Ms. Ruoxuan Qi

Tel: 8620-87059561, 8620-37029825

Email:  gieckjc@ms.giec.ac.cn